Are you absolutely positive you want to do this?

Belinda unclogged the drain.

Linda will be found.

I am Teochew.

I prepared for you a surprise.

I'm feeling guilty.

Where is the restaurant?

Jussi told me that yesterday.

You probably have everything you need.

Polly looks sad and disappointed.


His class makes us despair.

Are not you the cause of this for me?

I don't have any money.

The Prussians should be on their guard against the southern Germans.

I like a challenge.


He's your son.


Who's ready for more?


He's not stronger than me.

The terrorists said a nuclear device was set to go off sometime tomorrow in Boston.

I'm not done with him yet.

When are you returning to Italy?

Hey, buddy, can you spare some change?

He is my Spanish professor.

How do you interpret these lines of the poem?

I'm the tallest in our class.

She did not let failure discourage her.


He didn't have the slightest awning what her last name is.

My mother doesn't like the heat of summer.

I am cutting the meat.


You must be in possession of a valid ticket.

Do you like pirate movies?

Give me a coffee, please.

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Please don't be afraid.

A cough and love can't be hidden.

She's fighting for her life.

This is where he lives.

I know Shakil wants to make Shaw happy.

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It took about five minutes to get to my uncle's house from the station.

The only remaining region in the world where obesity is uncommon is sub-Saharan Africa.

What's more important to you?


You may act however you wish.


Tait came back by way of Boston.

Maybe I just imagined that.

Her broken leg has not healed yet.

The death of the Mamonas Assassinas undoubtedly marked the history of Brazilian music.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

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Emil has good taste in music.

Sanity is good at both French and English.

Val skipped the conference last year as well.

I'm the one who introduced Jose to Susumu.

Venkata knew what Connie wanted.

Matt went with Randall to the museum.

Stop talking about my family.

This is pretty gross.

I think that's a bad suggestion.

Harmon doesn't want to see anybody today.

My dad keeps a journal every day.


I saw a ghost last night.

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Cristina isn't the only one who thinks Sundaresan's cute.


Did you ever date her?


Ruth dreamed of her often.

Tracy is still in high school.

Bjorne admitted killing Philippe.


Obviously he isn't dependable!

Sir, can we quickly inspect your luggage please?

They didn't offer me anything to drink.

The bridge collapsed.

Forbidden fruit is sweetest.


It was a window that Liber broke yesterday.

Peggy was cleared of the theft charge.

Was there fresh bread in the box?


Every team was defeated without exception.

People differ in habits.

Sir still hasn't tied the knot.

My little sister's hobby is designing icons on the web, and she distributes them free of charge on her website whenever she finds the free time to do so.

He washed her dirty hands before the meal.

Trading was slow today after yesterday's market decline.

Is there actually a moment between the past and the future?


I'll find her for you.


What a blessing it is that they did not come.

He kissed me on the forehead.

My sister laughed to her heart's content.

When are you going on vacation?

What ever do you want with me?


Help me for just a minute.


Can I get him to do it?


Will you hand the papers around?

The box was so heavy that I couldn't lift it.

Could you lend me some money until this weekend?

Why don't I just talk to him?

I want to make sure nothing's broken.

Sorry, I didn't notice that.

He looks more like a boxer than a pianist!

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Can you take notes for me during the professor's talk?

"Lead me not into temptation," said the frog to the fly.

Thank God it's Friday.


That's his one and only concern.

Over the last hundred years, there have been twenty-seven recorded deaths from spider bites in Australia.

He sat surrounded by his children.

Have you eaten anything?

It means a huge increase in the use of air conditioning which uses energy, which costs money and creates pollution.

What is Jess's real purpose?

Could it have been her?


I forget his name.

He went no farther than the gate.

Shane gets insulted.

The dinner they served was badly cooked.

Jeanette told me that Kevin was on a diet.


Roberta is going to need our help.

He sat next to her.

I have discovered a restaurant near here which serves a good meal.


Hoping to cheer up his wife, Pantelis bought her a beautiful pearl necklace.

Laurie will never be able to do that without our help.

You can leave now.

Respect your parents. They pay for the internet.

Start from here.

I haven't had the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your party.

The police are looking into it.

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We've been sitting on top of a fortune all these years.

What did you want to talk to me about?

I just didn't believe it.

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I met Roy, who asked me to give you this one.

Ramneek took an apple from the fruit bowl.

We plan to go as far as we can.

Let's go to the stadium, because today's match will not be televised.

What's the title of your new book?


Because of heavy rain my car broke down.

I think you want this more than you want to admit.

What I need is more money.


This teacher is in charge of the third year class.


A technician will come to your house two days from now.

Xochipepe likes flowers.

She wears long skirts.

I will get in touch with you.

This way, please.


Are you sure we can trust them?


Donal always gets up early in the morning.

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I asked them to unlock the door.

You have no life.

This task requires dexterity.


Not driving himself, he isn't familiar with cars.

This is the very book that I want to read.

I went to Boston last year.

I want to become better at swimming.

Lawrence wanted to drop out of school.


After inventory, there was a net balance of three hundred pesos.

She cut the apple in half.

I have gone to the market.

We checked in at the hotel at 5 p.m.

Ritchey died when I was three.

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Jamie was at my office today.

My father will help me.

Has he already done it?


He interrupted your sentence.

A suffering adult is a child who has forgotten who he is.

He's a jovial man.

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That tailor always uses very good material.

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The police are now investigating the cause of the accident.